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OYC Moorage is exclusively for OYC Members only.  In order to obtain moorage at OYC you must be a current member or you'll need to join OYC.​


OYC moorage is based on the total square footage a boat or boathouse would take up. Our current moorage rate is .26 cents per square foot.


For example, a 40' x 12' sailboat would cover about 480 total square feet.  The monthly charge would be approximately 480 x .26 = $124.80.


Moorage rates for boathouses are calculated using the outside dimensions of the boathouse. A boathouse that is 5O'x 15' feet would cover about 750 square feet. The monthly charge would be approximately 750 x .26 = $195.00.


This compares very favorably with other marinas which charge from $8.00 to $10.00 a linear foot.


If moorage is not currently available for a particular size boat when you join TYC, you can get on the moorage waiting list when you join.


Boathouses are privately owned by the members of the yacht club. There are currently several for sale. 


For more information please call the Club's Moorage Master at 253-691-9601.

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