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Reciprocal Moorage at OYC

Olympia Yacht Club participates in the online database "Yacht Destinations" which includes information for reciprocal yacht clubs visiting Olympia. 

Our reciprocal pass procedure has changed. We now use self-serve keycards for guest entry passes rather than digital guest passes. Fill out the online form (button below) and we'll send you an email with arrival instructions. Do not fill out the form more than 5 days in advance of your arrival. 

Reciprocal moorage at The Olympia Yacht Club is on a first-come first-served basis and is available to yachts from clubs with reciprocal agreements with The Olympia Yacht Club.

Club burgee must be flown to receive reciprocal moorage. The first 48 hours are free moorage; $.50/ft thereafter; limit of five days total in any 30-day period. Shore power is $3.00 per day. Up to three boats may raft out.


Mooring privileges are at guest's own risk. The Olympia Yacht Club shall not be held liable for any loss or damage while guests are moored at The Olympia Yacht Club.

Under no circumstances shall The Olympia Yacht Club docks be used for embarking or disembarking charter parties or for loading or unloading gear and provisions in connection therewith.


For other assistance with reciprocal moorage call 1 (253) 655-7024


Guest pass registrations do not reserve space at the dock. Space is available on a first-come first-served basis only. Click button below for online form.

OYC Reciprocal Moorage Dock Location

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