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OYC Board of Trustees & Club Officers

Chairman of the Board 
Rick Bergholz

S/V  Run Tug Run


Curtis Dahlgren 

S/V  Solveig


Judy Setina

M/V Andiamo


Trustee Three Years 

Patrick Richmond

M/V The Other Woman

Trustee One Year 

Steve Parrott 

M/V Saluda III

Trustee Two Years 

Bill Wilmovsky

M/V True North

Trustee Two Years 

PC Walt Schefter

M/V Rob Roy

Trustee xx Years  

Ed Stolarik

M/V  Nanboat

Trustee xx Years 

Tim Whipple

M/V RaeHunter

Clubhouse Chair 

Peta Hoonan

M/V Miles Aweigh

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