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Olympia Yacht Club Liveaboard Agreement 

Revised 9/6/2017 

Liveaboards must be approved in advance by the OYC Board of Trustees in accordance with Rule 21 of the Rules and Regulations of the OYC. Liveaboard vessels must be self-contained with reasonable galley, sleeping, shower, and head facilities. The number of people permitted to live aboard a vessel will be limited according to the size, facilities, and equipment of the vessel. 

1. Permission to live aboard is granted solely to the member granted permission by the Board of Trustees, and his or her immediate family including spouse, significant other, and minor children. Such permission may not be transferred to or exercised by any other party. No minor may live aboard unless the adult member/owner of the vessel or other adult individual of the member's family is also living aboard. Temporary liveaboard or emergency may be approved by the BOT on a case by case basis. Changes to this agreement not priorly approved by the BOT negates this agreement. 

2. Liveaboards should have a self-contained capability for several days in the event of dockside power or water system failure and winter freezing conditions. Electrical power requirements for liveaboards must be kept within the club limits of the specific slip or boathouse. 

3. Liveaboards applying for liveaboard status shall provide a black water pump-out plan acceptable to the club. 

4. Liveaboards must maintain a telephone and keep the caretaker notified of the current number. 

5. Liveaboards must pay the monthly liveaboard fee as established by the Board of Trustees. 

6. The Board shall provide written notice to a liveaboard after his or her indebtedness to the Club falls more than 60 days in arrears. A liveaboard's permission to liveaboard will be automatically revoked without notice from the BOT when the liveaboard becomes over 90 days in arrears. 

7. Liveaboard permission may be revoked on 30 days' written notice by the Board of Trustees if the liveaboard fails to comply with written requests from the BOT to correct an issue of noncompliance or safety. 

8. The Board of Trustees may delegate some or all of its responsibilities under this Agreement to the Main Station Committee. 

9. As used in this Agreement, "liveaboard" shall have the same meaning as the term is defined in the Rule 21 of the Rules and Regulations of the OYC. 

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