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Club Service Program

(Revised 2024)


Olympia Yacht Club has in effect a club service Program, also referred to as the “CSP”. The purpose is to encourage membership participation in order to reduce or eliminate the necessity to purchase services. The means to accomplish this will be to keep members informed of standing committees, appointed committees, open BOT and Bridge positions and other club activities and functions that are created by those committees.


CSP Committee responsibilities

The Board will appoint a CSP Chairperson, who will oversee the CSP program and ensure members are credited for their participation. The CSP chair will be overseen by a BOT member that is chosen each year. The CSP chair will be appointed for a 3 year term as per OYC bylaws and rules. The Chair will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Maintain and routinely publish a current list of approved activities that constitute volunteer hours that qualify for CSP credit.

  2. Identify committee openings and activities needing volunteers and report such openings in the Beachcomber.

  3. From time to time set the requisite number of annual volunteer hours and the credit rate in dollars per hour and present to the BOT for approval.

  4. Keep a regular accounting of and post accumulated volunteer hours.

  5. Report to the regular monthly BOT meeting the status of CSP hours and club income.

  6. Submit final CSP report to the Treasurer and bookkeeper for billing by Jan 1 and to the BOT chair at the first regular meeting of the New Year.

CSP Program Eligibility

A. The following positions will automatically receive a full year’s CSP credit.













B. Membership and attendance on the following committees are eligible for CSP credit. Members who 

    serve on the committee will receive hour - for – hour credit for their service. Furthermore, any     

    member can volunteer and assist these committees to receive CSP credit if the Committee chair

    requests. Committee chairs are responsible to report the hours of members to the CSP chair for   

    proper credit. The committee chairs will receive full CSP credit.

C. The following club functions and maintenance activities are eligible for CSP credit on an hour by hour basis.

Installation and maintenance of OYC mechanical systems (water, sewer, heating, electrical etc.)

Facilities maintenance procedures and construction at any OYC facility.

Gardening, planting and landscape maintenance or construction at any OYC facility.

Shellfish culturing at any OYC facility.

Temporary caretaker duties at any OYC facility.

D. Public events and functions in which a member uses his/her boat for the purpose of the function are 
     limited to a specific number of hours for that event. These hours will be credited to the boat not for
     each person who may be participating in the event. Committee chairs of these events receive full
     credit. Members serving on these committees who help in the planning and execution of the event
     will receive additional hours of CSP beyond the boat participation in the public event activity.

   Foofaraw                      8 hours total
   Lakefair                         4 hours total
   Parade of Lighted ships    3 hours each night
   Opening Day Parade      4 hours total
   Special People’s Cruise    4 hours total
   Toliva Shoal Boat            8 hours total
   Audubon Bird Count        3 hours total
   Daffodil Parade               3 hours total
   Seattle opening Day        3 hours total

E. Social events and “club only” functions participation in such as cruises, dinners, parties, lunches, etc 
     that are solely for the benefit and use by members and not the general public, are not eligible for
     for CSP credit unless the member or their spouse/partner actually serve on one of the social or
     administrative committees for those events. However, the Committee Chair for these club events
     can call volunteers if they are in need of extra help outside of their committee members for an 
     individual event and therefore provide CSP credit for that work at that event. Attendance only at club
     and/or social events does not qualify for CSP credit.

F.  Any activity not listed must be brought to the CSP committee to determine eligibility for credit. 
     Members will accumulate CSP credit annually beginning on January 1st and ending on December
     31st in any given year. It is the responsibility of each of the members to ensure work credit is sub-
     mitted for the required number of hours needed for each year. Any member who fails to submit
     the entire total of required hours for the year will be penalized for each required hour or portion of
     hours not worked. The committee chair or person in charge of the activity or project for which the 
     member seeks to obtain CSP credit must sign the form on which the hours or portions of hours
     worked are reported and presented to the CSP committee. Failure to do so will result in hours not 
     being credited to the member who performed them.


CSP Assessment and Penalty

A. The current requirement for CSP hours will require that a member must serve 24 hours of approved

     work credit within the calendar year beginning on January 1st and ending December 31st.  The 

     current penalty assessment for failure to perform work is set at the rate of $40 per hour for each

     hour not completed during the year. The BOT will set the number of hours and dollar rate per hour.


B.  If any member does not submit CSP work credit for the total required hours, the club Treasurer

     will assess the member a CSP penalty assessment. The amount of the assessment will be based

     on the number of required CSP hours or portions of hours not worked times the prevailing rate set 

     by the BOT. The penalty assessment will be billed to the member on a monthly basis during the 

     year following the one which CSP hours were incomplete.


C. Example:  The required number of CSP hours in 2024 is 24 hours and the penalty assessment rate

     is $40/hr. If you perform no CSP hours in 2024 you will be billed the CSP penalty of $960 in 2025.

     The amount owed will be billed by the Treasurer on a monthly basis until paid in full. Assume Joe

     and Jane Doe submitted a total of 6 hours of CSP work credits in 2024. Beginning in January

     2025 they would incur a penalty assessment of $720. (18 hours not worked x $40 per hour) which

     Would then be billed in equal installments of $60 per month throughout 2025 until paid.


D. New members joining OYC after the beginning of the calendar year will have CSP total hours 

     required prorated at the rate of 2 hours per month starting with the month following the month

     that they are voted into membership by the general membership.   


E. Example: Joe and Jane Doe are voted in as new members in April. Commencing in the month of

    May they will be required to work 16 CSP hours for the remainder of that year ending in December.

    (8 months of the year remaining x 2 hours per month). Thereafter, Joe and Jane will be required to

    work their full number of CSP hours, as are all other members, or incur penalty assessments for the

    hours not worked as described above.


F. CSP hours earned by any member in excess of the required hours in a calendar year may not be

    carried over as work credits for the following year.


G. Any member who wishes to donate hours to another member for extenuating circumstances of the

    other member that makes that member unable to perform their own hours must petition the BOT

    for approval. This would be an individual basis request subject to the BOT granting approval. CSP 

    chair would then credit that member and reduce the hours of the donating member as per the BOT

    amount approved for that individual basis.


H. Members who wish to demit will be responsible for being current with their CSP financial obligation

     or proper number of hours served. This dollar or hour amount will be prorated according to the 

     month in which the member demits. This will apply the same as club dues or moorage obligations.

     The member will be prorated at the amount of 2 hours per month that they request a demit.

     For example, if a member demits in December they will be responsible for $960 for the year or to

     have served 24 hours for the year even though the billing for that year will not be issued until the

     following year. If they request a demit in April they would be responsible for 8 hours for the current    

     year at the current hourly rate as well as any hour amounts owing from the previous year.


I.  The Social class of membership has been established beginning in 2013.  Each Social class of

    membership will be required to perform a total of 10 hours of CSP work credit per calendar year  

    Hours not worked will be subject to the same penalty assessment as active members

    and the hourly rate will be the same as active members. Billing will be the same as active members. 

    Social class members will not be eligible to serve as Board Trustee, Flag officer, Bridge officer or as 

    a committee chair. They may serve on any committee including social function committees to earn 

    CSP hours. All other CSP rules apply to social membership the same as they do for active members. 

    They may also not vote. 


J. Associate class members will have the same CSP requirements as social class members.


K. Life/social members will not be required to perform any CSP hours. They will not be allowed to serve 

    as a BOT trustee, Flag officer, Bridge officer, committee chair or vote. They may attend social events  

    and can serve CSP hours for the club if they so choose at social events, as a committee member or

    performing work at the club or IH.








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