Security Blog #3 Where is my stupid lanyard?

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Not even Santa can get through our gates!

Greetings and Merry Christmas from your Security Committee. Some of you may have noticed that our security fencing around our parking lot is taking shape. We have added two gates at the corners of our club house as well. The gates are to be open from sunrise through sunset and are coded also.

Regarding our parking lot fence project, we have slowed down a bit as there is significant damage to our parking lot from the tree roots that line the lot. We are a bit worried that removal of the roots may undermine the area surrounding the fence post. A decision will be made shortly on going ahead with that project. Immediately following that decision Main Station shall be looking for bids for the installation of our planned electric entry gate. Along with this, fencing is to be installed along the shore side of the guest dock including a gate between the recip area and OYC moorage. This should provide additional security for that particular area as well as the yacht club overall. Finally, fencing is to be installed in a few places just prior to the 100 and 200 entrance areas which should deter folks from entering our facility during extreme low tides.

This is likely the last you will hear from me regarding planned upgrades/improvements as this is truly a Main Station responsibility. That said, "There is a new kid in town" as Don Henley and Glenn Frey sang on the Hotel California album. Yes, my friends, Jim Howatson and Bill Hamaker are back at the helm of the Main Station. The Security Committee shall remain, however I asked that it be returned within the confines of the Main Station as this too was a Main Station responsibility. In essence we will have a Security Team within the Main Station. Jim and Bill are strong leaders with many great ideas. WELCOME Jim and Bill ...Thank you out going Ron Vukonich for your tireless efforts as the Main Station Chair.

Regarding our Dock Walk security program, here are a few numbers for you: (as of December 5)

Of the 56 walkers on our list, 34 (61%) have actually completed walks – that is tremendous!

The walkers so far have completed 118 hours of facility oversight, representing approximately $3,540 CSP hours we did not have to hire out. A big thank you to all of our 'Dock Walkers" as well as Holli for all of her hard work on our scheduling program and keeping track of the numbers for us.

Finally, a big thank you to our security team. Alex Bromen, Jeff Carpenter, Curtis Dahlgren, Mark Fleisher, Peta Hoonan, Jim and Holli Howatson, Scott Woodard and John Zermer. If you see them on the docks please thank them as they truly deserve it.


Bruce Snyder

Committee Chair

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