Security Blog # 2

Greetings all and a Happy Thanks Giving.

It’s been a wet couple of weeks however, our dock-walk members have been out and about working hard to ensure our docks are as safe and secure as we can make them.

It seems the supply chain issues has affected us as well. I’m told our next fence project may be delayed thru the end of this year as it seems fencing materials are hard to come by. The clubhouse deck gates are currently on a six-to-eight-week back order. Maybe it’s time to call Gary’s Garden Gates!

A word regarding night lights. As some of you have painfully realized the installation of the new electric meters is causing the EFI breakers to open/pop due to high RF energy. For boats and houses that have a visible light its not to difficult to figure out who has lost power. That alone should be enough motivation to install one or ensure that your light is operable. Listed below are boats and houses that have no visible lighting. It may be that yours is one that has a breaker problem. On the other hand, folks, our members are out in the cold and wet checking on your boat/slip. How about leaving a light on so that they can ensure all is well?

Boathouses or Slips with no visible interior light on:

#206; 106; 127; 136; 138; 140; 605; 607; 608; 620; 622; 644

645; 415; 423; 338; 340; 329; 517; 516; 527; 526; 413; 420; 309

Boathouses or Slips with intermittent power issues (EFI popping)

133; 314; 321; 326; 330; 338; 418; 503; 623; 627; 635; 645; 646; 647

Boats/Slips with no visible state sticker/registration:

# 136; 108; 423; 605

Boathouse #315 Avalon - door not locked.

OYC storage yard gate found not secure/locked

Guest Dock- Odor of diesel along the dock.

Slip 212: a low-volume alarm of some kind is going off—5 short beeps every 40 seconds or so. Owner notified.

Wearing of OYC Lanyards: Thank you to those who are supporting this effort. Until we can standardize all entry gate codes and are able to recognize each other, the wearing of the lanyard with our electronic gate card and or our OYC membership card is working. Rumor has it that Gary Ashcroft has about 200 of the clear pocket holders to hold your card. Thank you, Gary. If you could please let me know how we are to distribute them. If you need an OYC Lanyard, send me an email. (sny8132



Security Chair

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