Security Blog # 1

Greetings and Happy Veterans Day.

This is my first attempt at a Blog so should there be a mistake or possibly subject matter that you may be offended by please keep it to yourself.

Thought that I would catch all of you up on the happenings regarding our newly inaugurated Security Committee as well as a few of our goals/plans. Our committee has been in existence now for about three weeks. Within that time frame we spent a lot of time reviewing our current security status, brain storming new ideas, and outlining programs we think would enhance our security posture.

In the past three weeks we have:

· invited our police department (OPD) down to conduct a detailed security review

· initiated a cyclone fencing program to increase our perimeter as well as dock security.

· held our first OYC wide security training meeting with the goal of providing guidelines for

for member conducted security walks.

· rolled out our member dock walk program which, by all accounts, is working fairly well

with just a few minor bugs to work out.

Our Future Projects:

· Install additional fencing in areas deemed critical

· Install additional gating to control trespassers

· Review current lighting and security cameras to include adding both where needed

· Electric entry/exit gating installation for our parking lot

· Updated entry card system for all gates


· More dock walking members. Currently we have about 15% of our membership who have

volunteered. That’s a bit dismal even by Washington DC standards.

· The Board and the Bridge must do all they can in assisting our Security Committee in getting

the word out about our security needs and plans as well as increasing our volunteer


· Member awareness. Look behind you to ensure the entry/exit gate is closed securely.

· If you don’t recognize someone, introduce yourself and ask who they are.

· Help us in getting more members to wear their electric entry card on an OYC lanyard for all

to see.

Finally, I want to sincerely thank all of our security members for their dedication as well as time spent. Dock-walk members, you are more appreciated than you know.

A special shout out to the Howatsons who have spent an inordinate amount of time getting this albatross off the ground. To Ron Morrsette, you are the bomb.



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