News from the Treasurer

The Board of Trustees, at their November meeting, decided to move the Beachcomber to electronic delivery only, not just because of the financial savings to the Club, but to save the resources used in printing. We recognize that here are strong opinions on the subject, primarily against moving in this direction. Some of you really want your printed Beachcombers. The good news is that the Beachcomber can be printed from your computer.

Effective with the January Beachcomber, all members will be receiving the notification of the Beachcomber’s completion for the coming month. Please ensure that the office has your current email addresses - one for each person in your membership if each of you would like to receive the notification - by emailing them to

Other news from the Office: Electronic voting for new members is getting more efficient, but we’d like to see more of you actually voting. Please remember that each one of us became members based on other members voting. The process takes only a moment, but it matters.

If you have reimbursement requests, please have them approved by your Committee Chairperson before submitting them. Reimbursements will be credited to your account to offset your monthly invoice rather than a check going out to you. If you would prefer a check, please note that on your reimbursement request. If you submit a reimbursement via mail or dropped in the correspondence box or my office, please do not staple it or add a sticky note. Everything is scanned and staples and sticky notes muck up the system.

If you would like to have your monthly payment deducted from your chosen bank account, I have prepared a form to authorize the Club (me) to do so. You may select from the payment “not to exceed” (which allows for a dinner meeting, event or Quartermaster purchase) or the exact amount of your invoice to be deducted from your bank account either between the 15th and 17th of the month or the 28th and 30th of the month. The date spread is because I need some leeway as I cannot know what I might be working on on any given day. If you’d like to use this option, please email me at

Happy Holidays!

Holli Holli Howatson,

Treasurer The Olympia Yacht Club


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