Is OYC a Clean Marina?

Several years ago the OYC was certified as a Clean Marina. Proudly advertised by signs on the clubhouse and dock entrance, certification shows that OYC provides facilities and employs best practices that prevent toxic substances associated with boat ownership from entering our waterways.

Despite our best intentions, a Department of Ecology (DOE) spill team showed up at OYC in November to investigate the source of an oil slick that stretched across the head of Budd Inlet and infiltrated the marinas and shoreline below Budd Bay Café. The precise source could not be determined at the time, but the spill appears to have originated from our 600 dock. The Mainstation committee is working with vessel owners in the area to check for evidence of fuel leaks and inadvertent discharge via an automated bilge pump. Apparently, a periodic discharge has recurred several times, and we must locate and correct the problem ASAP. Occasional oil slicks have been reported in the area of the 100 and 200 docks, as well.

Please--EVERYBODY--check your vessel to insure that no fuel or oil leaks in your engine compartment can result in an overboard discharge. The OYC provides oil absorbent pads available for your use--they are located in the low brown rectangular bins: 1. At the foot of the ramp (100/200 dock junction), 2. At the work-boat dock near the Caretaker workshop, and 3. At the 500/600 connector dock by the cart rack. Grab a couple the next time you’re headed for your boat and put them in your engine sump. The pads absorb fuel and oil while repelling water; they may be squeezed dry and re-used and/or disposed of in the OYC Hazardous Waste bin.

See the OYC website home page for information on OYC Waste Management Guidelines. (Do not use materials in the Yellow Spill Response Barrels for routine use--they are for EMERGENCY USE ONLY.)

Fuel spills are also a common mishap if you attempt to fuel your vessel from jerry cans. This is specifically prohibited by Rule 11 of the OYC Rules and Regulations. We need eyes and ears on our docks to quickly identify fuel/oil spills or other toxic discharges. If you see something, say something. Contact the OYC Caretaker by phone (360-280-5757)--put this number in your phone’s Contacts List. If the Caretaker is off-duty, the phone will ring forward to someone on the Mainstation Committee. They can coordinate an appropriate response and help ensure that the OYC continues to be a Clean Marina.

Thanks for all your efforts to make OYC a better club! John Sherman, Chair, OYC Environmental Awareness Committee SV Grendel

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