Ahoy OYC!

Your bridge is trying to find new ways of having events. Fleet Captain Sail Lenora Tenaka had a wonderful Halloween Cruise. Her great efforts and enthusiasm were evident by all the great photos of decorated boats and costumes. That said, we are still in the Pandemic mode and have had three Zoom dinner meetings already.

I do enjoy seeing everyone, but we all know it is just not the same as all of us getting together in person for these. I proposed we try a few new things to see if we can have some alternative fun and still abide by our required mandates. Your bridge proposed to the Board of Trustees that we have a few “drive in” events. Vice Commodore Danny gets to be the guinea pig by holding what was the Christmas Ball as the first attempt. He is deep in planning and I’m sure he will mention details in his article.

My duty for this event will be the technology coordinator (yes, I hear the gasps). I think I can pull it off though. We will be broadcasting announcements on an FM transmitter at 90.000Mhz, as well as have a simultaneous Zoom meeting as I’m sure many of you have portable Zoom access via cellphones and the like. Again, FM 90.000Mhz and Zoom at https:// us02web.zoom.us/j/84657484624.

At the latest BOT meeting it was decided to close the clubhouse and all social events through the end of January. I requested we revert to month-to-month because I was excited at the recent vaccine announcements. I do realize it’s not going to happen that fast, but a Commodore can hope, right? I should also remind everyone that the clubhouse is closed, we should not be gathering in groups there. Some recent gatherings have slightly put some staff/employees that must conduct official business there. For the next dinner meeting on January 6th we will again have a drive thru dinner with the FM and Zoom. Hopefully we will have lessons learned to include after the Christmas drive thru.

Some of you may have heard already ,but at the most recent RBAW meeting your club was selected as the Recreational Boating Association of Washington’s 2020 Yacht Club of The Year. This is a direct result of you and all your efforts to support and contribute to all boaters in Washington. THANK YOU!

As this is the last Beachcomber of 2020, I sincerely hope each and everyone one of you and yours has a wonderful month of holidays and are ready to ring in 2021 with many hopes and dreams of a much better year to come. Please keep you and all of your loved ones healthy because your club cannot wait until the day that we can all be together again sharing our Pandemic stories in the past tense. See You on the Dinghy Soon, Commodore Mitch and First Mate AnneMarie

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